August 28, 2014

To All Members of Phi Chi Theta:

Greetings and welcome to another exciting year for Phi Chi Theta. We have all just returned
from the 2014 National Chapter Meeting. The 2014 National Chapter Meeting theme was
“Ensuring Our Future” and that is what we did. A lot of good information was shared by both
our invited speakers and our attendees. We addressed several issues facing us as an organization
and celebrated our many accomplishments. A list of the award recipients from the national
meeting is attached. I would like to take this opportunity to again congratulate each recipient
and to thank them for their efforts.

I can honestly say that this was probably the best national meeting that I ever attended. The
interactions and sharing started at our welcome reception Wednesday evening and continued
right through the end of the banquet Saturday night. I felt bad having to break up the
conversations at times but the hotel staff needed us to vacate the rooms. I truly believe that
many new friendships were started during the meeting. I greatly enjoyed speaking with all of
you during the formal sessions and also after hours. I think it was these free exchanges of ideas
and information that made the meeting so great and also streamlined the debates on Saturday.
I want to thank everyone for their participation and professionalism during these debates. I also
want to thank everyone for their forethought and helping us “Ensure our Future” by passing the
bylaw amendments. While some changes were clearly housekeeping and had impact only on
internal processes, a number do impact each and every member. All of the bylaws that were
adopted will help us provide better services and be more competitive. All of the dues and fee
increases will be used to further fund our insurance premiums and our paid staff. We will be
looking to increase our insurance coverage and our insurance reserves. We will also continue to
add more funds where possible to our meeting budgets. These additional funds will help make
that possible.

While we did lift the ban on alcohol in our bylaws, our risk management policy is still in effect.
We are still a dry organization. However, we will be reevaluating that policy to see what, if any,
changes we can make. Along with that review, we will also look to see if additional restrictions
are needed for overnight events.

We made changes to provide representation for Alumni-at-Large at future national meetings. In
2016, all Alumni-at-Large in attendance will be able to elect one of their own to represent their
needs and vote at that national meeting.

During the meeting we announced our new Ambassador Program which is intended to reengage
our alumni and provide them with opportunities to represent the National Office at local events
and to assist with chapter issues. Once we finalize the training material for this program, we will
share more information and ask for alumni volunteers.

While a lot of the work we did at the national meeting was done during the formal sessions,
the Executive Council was working outside of those sessions on other business matters that
were presented to us. In particular, the Sothern Region approached us about the future of their
region considering their size. They had expressed interest in being merged with the Eastern
Region. The Southern and Eastern Regions have held joint regional meetings for several years
and did meet jointly during the national meeting. In response to this, the National Executive
Council decided to merge these two regions into the new and improved Eastern Region. We will
continue to monitor the regions to see if further changes are necessary as we add more chapters.

At the end of the meeting I asked all of the delegates to do two things. I want each chapter
to tell me one or two things that it feels that it does well. We are looking for each chapter to
put together a brief training video on a mutually agreed upon topic that we can share with all
chapters on the website. I also want each chapter to suggest a new service or product that you
want us to provide from the National Office.

Lastly, while planning your chapter programs, please keep two things in mind. In order to
succeed as an organization we have to grow and properly educate our members on the history
and traditions of Phi Chi Theta. Only by learning from our past we can ensure our future. Also,
please start to plan and budget now for the 2015 Regional Meetings and the 2016 National
Meeting. Information about each of these meetings will be shared in the coming months.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your National President for two more years. I wish
you all the best of luck in the coming year.


Gary Hodge
National President
Life Member


From left to right: Nick Foy, Tommy Weston, Olivia Conrad, Sierra Martin, David Cho, Harry Pan, Rob Hovland, Carmen Sabella, Jerry Yang, Cody Laux, Michael Feng, David Lim, Sherry Wang, Rachael Leonard, Katie Barger, Anne Scowden, Meg Guo, Rona Jiang, Kristin George, Jayna Wolfe, Michelle Hu, Alecia Frankart, Katie Hostler, Emily Hagenmair, and Tracy Emery. Not pictured: Trey Chau 

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