Focus of the Ambassador Program:

To support the purpose of the fraternity by using appointed ambassadors to represent the National Office of Phi Chi Theta at collegiate and alumni meetings, fundraisers, training , chapter expansion opportunities, and any other events called upon by the National Office, or suggested by a collegiate or alumni chapter.


- Applicant must be in good standing with the National Office by meeting all national chapter and local chapter financial obligations for the current fiscal year, or be a life member.
-Must be an alumni member of Phi Chi Theta.


-Represent the National Office at collegiate, alumni events, or any other events called upon by the National Office.
-Ambassadors will be assigned to chapters that are geographically close to their location, if possible. Some ambassadors may serve in an alumni at-large capacity to support the National Office in other venues.
-Assist struggling chapters by conducting phone conference calls or attending meetings, depending on geographical location.
-For chapters in need and in consultation with the Regional Director, work with member(s) to develop a plan and process to improve chapter meeting attendance, member involvement, recruitment challenges, or any other area the chapter faces challenges.
-Offer suggestions for improvement, when necessary, to chapters.
-Bring topics of concern to the National Office.
-Provide a bi-weekly status update to the National President while working with a struggling chapter. The ambassador should provide a status update sooner, if they feel it is necessary.
-Duties delegated by the National President as the National President sees fit.


-The National Office will provide mandatory training before the ambassador begins their term. This training can be via teleconference or in person, depending on geographical location.
-The National Office will provide examples of the types of challenges chapters can face, including but not limited to:

  • Small Chapter Size
  • Low or Difficult Recruitment
  • Low Member Involvement with Chapter Events
  • Difficulties Fundraising
  • Challenges Separating Themselves from Other Business Fraternities/Clubs/Organizations

Status Meetings:

-Participate in one status update meeting each semester with the National Office to keep updated with fraternity business.


-Terms will be served through the end of the biennium in which they were appointed.
-Ambassadors can reapply for additional terms, once the serving term is complete.
-The National President has the right to revoke the rights and duties of an Ambassador for not completing their duties or not abiding by the National Chapter Bylaws.

Application/Nomination Process: 

-Interested persons shall apply using the application.
-Any member of Phi Chi Theta in good standing can nominate an alumni member in good standing.
-Nominated persons are required to complete the application.


-Interested persons should complete the application and submit to the National Office.
-The Executive Director will review all applications for completion and send to the National President to review and begin the appointment process.

Appointment Process: 

-The National President has the authority to appoint each ambassador.
-The National President will review applications and determine who is best suited for the ambassador role.
-The National President can conduct conference call interviews with each candidate.

Notification of Appointment

-The ambassador(s) will be officially notified of their appointment by the National Office.