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Phi Chi Theta Welcomes the Return of the Zeta Chapter

Photo by Kevin Weldon

On Saturday 8 November 2014, the Zeta Chapter of Phi Chi Theta, one of the eight founding chapters, was reactivated at Boston University. The new Alpha class is comprised of members of many different backgrounds, and we are all proud to have joined this international brotherhood.

To promote the cause of higher business education and training for all individuals, Zeta Chapter President Owen Chen, Finance major, acted on an idea. He wanted to join a business fraternity, but he believed that Boston University’s only two business fraternities did not match his goals and ideals. Chen’s main concern was why BU students “have to choose between two fraternities when [he could] make one that truly promotes ‘higher business education’ for all.” Thus, the seed was planted.

To foster high ideals for everyone pursuing a career in business, we recruited people from diverse backgrounds. Recruitment committee member Mainchain Zhang, a Film major, is considering Business and Japanese minors and is an aspiring media producer. He was attracted to the approachable atmosphere, the relentless rigor, and the potential promise of Phi Chi Theta. Derek Mei, the Vice President of Technology and a Math/Computer Science and Business dual major, enjoyed both sides of the startup world and believes joining a professional fraternity will help him make connections to launch his startup off the ground. Mei says he “joined to push [himself] into meeting new people from different places and of diverse mindsets that make up this chapter.”

To encourage fraternity and cooperation among people preparing for such careers, we joined up together in pursuit of one goal: to revive the Zeta Chapter. From inception to initiation, we drafted our own bylaws, constitution, and standing rules, and engaged in phone conferences; the sapling began to sprout. Executive Vice President and Economics major Caroline Margiotta notes that “we did most of the requisite work after spring semester was over. We collaborated in writing our Constitution, communicating with the National Office, and figuring out the logistics of chartering a chapter, almost all while hundreds if not thousands of miles apart. It is really a testament to the strength and quality of this group that we were able to follow through with this project as easily as we did.”

To stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends, we worked April through November to reestablish the Zeta chapter. Already, we have garnered attention and publicity, and especially following our first event, our efforts have not been fruitless. As President Owen Chen notes, “It was challenging and a lengthy process, but nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. I have a dream that one day, the Zeta chapter will rise up and live out to the true meaning of its creed.”

Article by Christine Wong

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