Donating Made Easy

Want to find an easy way to contribute to the scholarship and educational programs offered by the Foundation? Here are some tried-and-true ideas that donors have shared with us. You will be amazed how easy these are.


"In memory of…” or "In Celebration of…” donations 

What better way to commemorate the memory and/or celebrate the achievements (i.e., graduation, wedding, birth) of a loved one.

Personal outreach to "Friends and Family”

asking them to make a donation to your favorite non-profit organization. 

Customer Loyalty Cards

All of us have at least one of those "customer loyalty" cards or key tabs from a retailer, i.e., grocery, book store, drug.'s what you do: Set aside a week, 10 days or a month on your calendar. For that period of time, use your loyalty card when you make purchases. Keep the receipt which indicates and highlights your "savings," and put these receipts in an envelope. At the end of the designated period of time, add up the total "savings" (which represents money you would have spent anyway), round up to the next dollar, and send a check to the Foundation.

Dining Out

Save the receipts from going out for lunch or dining out. At the end of the time period (week, month, quarter) add up the tax paid on the receipt, round to the next dollar, and send the Foundation a check for that amount.

One less Starbucks, Muffin/Donut, Smoothie, etc. a week.

Take that weekly savings ($3.50-5.00/week) over the year and that would be at least $175 donation that you could make to the Foundation.

Loose Change

Take all of that loose change you have in your coin jars at home to the local bank or change counting machine. Count up the amount, round up to the next dollar, and send the Foundation a check for that amount.