My name is Gary Hodge and I am the National President of Phi Chi Theta. We are a co-educational professional business fraternity and I want to welcome you to our website. While we participate in many of the customs of a traditional social fraternity, we also stress the professional development of our members. It is this professional focus that sets us apart from the rest of the fraternal world and provides our members with that edge they need to succeed in today's business world. We are a smaller sized organization. However, that allows us to treat all of members as family and creates an environment where all truly become brothers and sisters. Due to our size, most members have an opportunity to take on leadership roles within the organization. If you are already a member of Phi Chi Theta you will find a lot of good information on this website. Stop by often as we frequently make updates. Also, please register in the members only section. Feel free to post and share content. Make use of our networking sections to connect with old and new friends alike. We hope that this site will became the central point for our membership to find information and connect with one another. If you are not a member of Phi Chi Theta, I am excited that you have found our website and are interested in our organization. Please review our membership and expansion information. If you are still interested in starting a Phi Chi Theta chapter on your college campus, send us a message. We are always excited to discuss the process with you and get you started on your way to becoming part of Phi Chi Theta. If you have any questions about Phi Chi Theta, please do not hesitate to contact me or the national office.


Gary Hodge
National President
Life Member

Documents for Review

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2009 Speaker Request Letter (Dated 8-25-09) 

National Trademark-Copyright Policy Letter (Dated 3-13-09) 

Trademark-Copyright Protection Policy (Adopted 2-19-09)  

2009 Founders' Day Message from the National President  

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2008 Fall Welcome Letter to Collegiate Members

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2008 National Make a Difference Day Message 

National Drug & Alcohol Policy Letter (Dated 11-18-08) 

National Drug & Alcohol Policy (Adopted 11-18-08)