Starting a chapter is a wonderful and rewarding experience! It provides you the opportunity to design, build, and grow a valuable organization from the ground up that will benefit you, your colleagues, and many who will follow you.

As founding members, you and your colleagues will act as chapter architects, designing a chapter that is tailored to the needs of your membership base, weaving it into the fabric of Phi Chi Theta. This kind of flexibility is unique to Phi Chi Theta.

 Why should you choose Phi Chi Theta?

As part of a national network of professional, fraternal chapters, your chapter will realize many benefits. Upon initiation, you and your colleagues will have access to national and regional educational and networking events, national marketing support, our exciting members-only online network, and a large alumni base. Members are also eligible for scholarships through the Phi Chi Theta Educational Foundation. You will benefit from Phi Chi Theta's national branding and the 88 years of experience that this organization has in developing tomorrow's leaders.

Among Phi Chi Theta’s unique qualities is its atmosphere. Members of Phi Chi Theta are more than professional contacts for one another – they are family. Life in a Phi Chi Theta chapter is about both professional and personal growth. The formation of lifelong familial bonds makes Phi Chi Theta membership truly special.

Cut from a special cloth, Phi Chi Theta members exhibit exceptional integrity and moral character, while providing service to the community and promoting the professional growth of themselves and their fellow members. Phi Chi Theta members are well-rounded individuals who are prepared to take on the future and always give back to their fraternity and community along the way.

How can you get started? 

As you embark on this most exciting journey, recognize that starting a chapter takes a little time and dedication, but the reward of success is well worth it. Nothing compares to the feeling of starting your own chapter and creating something of value for future generations. 

If you are starting a chapter on a college campus, you may also want to begin thinking about school or faculty sponsorship on campus. We can help you through the process, step-by-step.

If you are planning to reactivate an existing chapter, please let us know, as certain activation requirements may be lifted.

Want more information?

Please email Executive Director Saundra Finley at or Katie Griffin, Vice-President of Expansion at