National Honorary Members



Dr. Lillian M. Gilbreth

President, Gilbreth, Inc., Consulting Management Engineers

Dr. Viva Boothe

Director of Business Research, Ohio State University

Mrs. Mamie K. Taylor

Executive Department, Georgia Power Company and Public Relations Consultant

Miss Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

President, Bernice Fitz-Gibbon, Inc., Advertising Consultants, New York City

Honorable Esther E. Peterson

Former White House Consumer Advisor

Miss Margaret Divver

Second Vice President, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., Boston, Massachusetts

Miss Sylvia F. Porter

Nationally Syndicated Columnist, The Hall Syndicate, New York City

Miss Margaret E. Lauer

CPA, New Orleans, Louisiana

Honorable Leonor K. Sullivan

Former Member of Congress, St. Louis, Missouri

Mrs. Ruth Handler

President, Ruthton Corporation, Los Angeles, California

Mrs. Rosalind K. Loring

Associate Provost, Extended Education, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Marilyn Van Derbur

Television Personality, Lecturer, Corporate Consultant and Educator, Denver, Colorado

Madeline H. McWhinney

President, First Women's Bank of New York, New York City

Sister Jane Scully

President, Carlow College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Camron Cooper

Treasurer, Atlantic Richfield Co., Los Angeles, California

Dr. Eden Ryl

President and Chief Executive Officer, Ramic Productions, Newport Beach, California

Dr. Jean Mater

Vice President, Mater Engineering Ltd., Corvallis, Oregon

Dr. Jean M. Thomas

Dean of Student Development, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia

Marge Schott

Owner, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cincinnati Reds baseball team, Cincinnati, Ohio

Lynn Morley Martin

Secretary of Labor, United States Department of Labor., Washington, D.C.

Robert E. Knowling, Jr.

Vice President, Ameritech Network Services, Chicago, Illinois

Michael James Melko, Jr.

Vice President, Smith Barney Inc., Oakbrook, Illinois

Mr. Solomon D. Trujillo

President and CEO, US WEST, Denver, Colorado

Mr. R. Clayton McWhorter

Chairman, Clayton Associates, LLC, Nashville, Tennessee

Ms. Ann Marie Sabath

President, At Ease, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. Tim Bender

President of the Global Consumer Group, LeapFrog, Emeryville, California

Gloria Jean Kvetko

Founders, Gloria Jean’s Gourmet Coffee, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Booz Allen Hamilton

The global strategy and technology consulting firm

William C. Rhodes III

CEO of AutoZone, Memphis, Tennessee

Colonel Ken Cordier

Retired USAF, Decorated Veteran, Dallas, Texas

David Cay Johnston

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

Dr. Peter Max Miller

Healthcare Marketing Ethicist, Professor, Author, Ironman, CA

Patricia M. Hayes

Chair of Ridge View Academy Board of Education. Former Regent of University of Colorado. Resides in Aurora, CO

Joe Munoz

CEO of Enginetech, Inc.

2018 National Honorary Member Joe Munoz